Traditional Clothes and other Fine Goods from Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Central Asia, as well Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

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Burqas - Grayish Blue - Navy Blue - Blue - Black - Fancy Black - Burgundy - Red - Hot Pink - Purple - White - Green - Saddle brown - Cotton Burqas - Camouflage - UK Burqa - Turkish Flag Colors - French Tricolors -Red/White/Blue - German Flag Colors - Denmark Flag Colors

All covering, even the eyes.  Burqas (burkas) are worn by very conservative women in Afghanistan. Also known as chadari. Made from synthetic material.

Grayish Blue Burqa

Click here to enlarge photo

Beautiful embroidered burqa that can be worn over clothing. The purpose of a burqa is to cover the body and face, including the eyes which is sheer enough to see through. The fit is long and loose, almost like a dress. One piece, one size fits all.

Price: $27.99

Product ID: 10NOV12GBB
Availability: In Stock

Navy Blue Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: NVBQ
Availability: In Stock

Blue Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: B1500
Availability: In Stock

Black Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: BK1500
Availability: In Stock

Fancy Black Burqa

Click here to enlarge photo

A burqa, also known as a chadari, is a traditional garment worn by women in order to veil their bodies and faces in public. Afghan style burqas cover the entire face with the exception of a small area near the eyes which is concealed with a net or grille. Can be worn over clothes and has a loose fit. One piece, one size fits all. Measures 62" in length from top to bottom.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: 13APR14FBB
Availability: In Stock

Burgundy Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: BG1500
Availability: In Stock

Red Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: BRD1
Availability: In Stock

Hot Pink Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: HP1500
Availability: In Stock

Purple Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: PR1500
Availability: In Stock

White Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: WT1500
Availability: In Stock

Green Burqa

Price: $27.99

Product ID: DG1500
Availability: In Stock

Saddle brown Burqa

Saddle brown burqa has beautiful embroidery.

Price: $27.99

Product ID: BKSBRN
Availability: In Stock

Cotton Burqa

This burqa is made from 100% cotton. Available in blue and black.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BCB1
Availability: In Stock


Military Style Camouflage Burqa

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BCAM1
Availability: In Stock

UK Burqa

Flag design of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Also known as the Union Jack or Union Flag.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BRQUK
Availability: In Stock

Turkish Flag Colors Burqa

Red and White. Turkish flag colors. The flag of Turkey (Turkish: Türk bayrağı)
is a red flag with a white crescent moon and a star in its centre. The flag is
called Ay Yıldız (literally, moon star) or Alsancak (red banner) in Turkish.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BTF1
Availability: In Stock

French Tricolors Burqa

French tricolors of blue, white, and red.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BFTC
Availability: In Stock

Red, White & Blue Burqa

American flag colors. Stars are mostly located in the head cap
and some in the front.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: USA21500
Availability: In Stock

German Flag Colors Burqa

The flag of Germany is a tricolor consisting of three equal
horizontal bands displaying the national colors of Germany:
black, red and gold.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BGFC
Availability: Out of Stock

Denmark Flag Colors Burqa

National flag of Denmark, Dannebrog, is red and white.

Price: $49.99

Product ID: BDFC
Availability: Out of Stock

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