Traditional Clothes and other Fine Goods from Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Central Asia, as well Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

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Women's Shirts from Afghanistan and Pakistan

Astera Embroidered Shirt

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Stylish and simple embroidered shirt for women. The fabric is light weight and soft, decorated with an elegant embroidery along the neckline, sleeves, and other areas. Great to give as a gift or to wear on hot summer days. Fit is loose, long, and modest.

Measurements: 30" in length, 28" in width.

Size: One size fits all.

Color: Brown

Price: $29.99 On Sale for only $19.99
Product ID: 23NOV13ASTERA
Availability: In Stock.

Savannah Embroidered Top

Click here to enlarge photo
The beautiful blue color looks stunning against the thick, elegant, red embroidery. Only one available in stock, the Savannah embroidered top is unique, stylish, and stunning!

The bust measures 19" across and the length measures 32" down from the back. Has an adjustable belt.

Size: Small to Medium

Price: $54.99
Product ID: 5NOV12EM090012SAV
Availability: In Stock.

Gold Embroidered Dress Shirt

Click here to enlarge photo
Gorgeous, sheer, embroidered dress shirt for women. The fabric is made out of mesh, and can be worn over clothing. Decorated front and back with gorgeous gold embroidery and sequins. This dress shirt can be worn to a special occasion and is a very traditional outfit. Great as a costume or for dancing. Wear it as a dress, or shirt over jeans. The fit is long and loose, and the style is a pull over, easy to put on and comfortable to wear, also very stylish! Available in sizes: Medium & Large.

Medium: 44" in length, 24" width.
Large: 45" in length, 26" width.

Color: Gold and Black

Price: $34.99 On Sale for only $24.99
Product ID: 13OCT12GEDS
Availability: In Stock


Afghan Tribal Kuchi, Choli, Banjara Embellished Top
Vintage Kochi Afghan gypsy banjara tribal multi-color dress crop top. It is an extraordinary embroidered tribal rabari choli or top. The lovely embroidery is quite intricate. Perfect to be worn in any special event or party, and also it would be an ideal match to embellish that special belly dancing outfit of yours. It can also be used as decoration pieces, in dress designing. The item may contain loose threads, but almost in great condition.

Available in 4 unique styles

Price: $33.00
Product ID: 21MAY17ATKCBEP
Availability: In Stock

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Style 1
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Style 2
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Style 3
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Style 4
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Embroidered Afghan Crop Top

Beautiful vintage boho banjara crop tops or dress patches (yakhans). Embroidery is made by Afghan kuchi nomadaic tribes of Pakistan & Afghanistan. These nomadic and artistic people have been making treasures for centuries and gained a lot popularity in the 1970's. One of a kind tribal dress patches worn crop top. Richly decorated with beads. Very popular item on Burning Man. Perfect wall decoration when not taking over the dance floor or a bohemian chic event.

Available in 6 unique styles

Price: $21.00
Product ID: 3JUNE17EACT
Availability: In Stock

Choose Style

Style 1
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Style 2
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Style 3
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Style 4
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Style 5
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Style 6
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